Tfal Indoor Grills Review

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The T fal optigrill plus is a multifunction device that is very practical for daily use like toasted sandwiches, crunchies, cooking meats… TFal Indoor Grills review– we reviewed it to present you everything about its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Appreance of the T-Fal GC7 Optigrill – TFal Indoor Grills

What is very appreciable in this model of the grill is its compactness. With dimensions of 14 x 13 x 6 inches, it is an appliance that can find its place anywhere in a kitchen. In our opinion, T Fal Optigrill Models fall in the top category because its multifunction aspect makes it useful every day. Especially since it is equipped with a ready and preheat indicator to make the cooking process easier. If you need to move it, it is its weight with its 5.26 kg. But difficult to be lighter on this kind of device.

T Fal Optigrill – Indoor Electric Grill Plates

The appliance is delivered with a single set of grill plates. This allows not to be cluttered while leaving the possibility of making a large number of preparations. They have a non-stick coating, essential on this type of appliance intended for grilling so that they do not stick. Fortunately, T-fal has thought of everything and while the price is frankly affordable, there has been no compromise on basic functionality.

Dimension Of T Fal Optigrill Plus

Even though it does not take up too much space, the T fal optigrill plus has large plates (25.1 x 31.8 cm) which offer a nice cooking surface of up to 600cm². It is, therefore possible to make large croques or grill beautiful pieces of meat.

T-Fal GC7 Opti-Grill Indoor Electric Grill - Tfal indoor grills
T-Fal GC7 Opti-Grill Indoor Electric Grill – Tfal indoor grills

Is the T Fal Electric Grill a multifunction grill?

The key-words of this device are versatility and performance. Firstly because you will be able to achieve an impressive number of things, secondly, because it heats up very quickly thanks to its power of 1800 Watts. A few minutes are enough to toast a croque and even to cook a slice of meat (this time can obviously vary according to the desired cooking).

TFal indoor grills are efficient indoor electric grill?

In order to manage the cooking properly, the appliance is equipped with 6 automatic cooking programs. You can cook Fish, Poultry, Sausage, Sandwich, Burger and Red Meat. This way, you can be sure to cook your ingredients at the ideal temperature.

An indicator light indicates when the T Fal Electric Grill is hot enough according to the setting chosen to start cooking. The auto sensor cooking technology cooks as per the thickness of the food, so you don’t have to worry about well-cooked food.

In addition, this T Fal Optigrill Plus has two different cooking modes:

  • The first “manual” mode allows you to cook the preparations between the two plates. It is therefore, a real electric grill machine that allows you to cook anything. Sandwiches will be toasted on both sides without having to turn them.
  • The second “frozen” mode allows you to grill your pieces of meat, vegetables or fish direct from frozen to cook.

You can even use the “grill and panini” mode for your meats and fish and not have to turn them during cooking. It’s a great time saver because you can do other things during this time. In either case, it’s up to you to choose how you prefer to cook your preparations!

T Fal Optigrill Review by Customer

A compact device, easy to use and maintain (Tfal Indoor Grills Review)

What surprises with this electric grill is its ease of use. It is possible to fully master the appliance in just a few minutes and to carry out all kinds of cooking without any difficulty. Everything is intuitive, like switching from grill mode to barbecue mode.

The same goes for adjusting the thermostat, which is child’s play since a small diagram indicates in which position to put it according to the food to be cooked.

That’s what we like with the T Fal Electric Grill. Versatile does not mean complicated and that is the risk with certain devices which have options more elaborate than the others and which are ultimately not very useful. Here, this grill gets down to the basics and is more than enough for most uses.

Cleaning Your Tfal Indoor Grills- T Fal Optigrill Plus Review

When it comes to cleaning, T Fal Electric Grill has once again thought of everything and it turns out to be very simple. First, because the plates are removable and compatible with the dishwasher. This allows you to do without being discouraged by cleaning preparations that are very dirty (grilled meats are a good example).

Then, the plates obviously have a good quality non-stick coating which makes maintenance even easier.

In addition, the cooking juices and fats do not remain on the hotplates but go directly into a drip tray because they are slightly inclined. It’s smart and very effective. Best of all, it’s also dishwasher-safe, to our delight!

T-Fal Optigrill - Tfal indoor grills Review
T-Fal Optigrill – Tfal indoor grills Review

Summary Of T Fal Optigrill Technical Characteristics

Dimensions14 x 13 x 6 inches
Weight5.26 Kg
Cooking surface25 x 31.8 cm (600cm²)
Power1800 Watts
Adjustable thermostatYes
“Ready to cook” lightYes
Plategrill with non-stick coating
Dishwasher-safe platesYes
Modes6 automatic cooking programs
Fat collection trayYes
Tfal Indoor Grills Review

Is this electric grill suitable for you?(Tfal Indoor Grills review)

If you find the following points suitable for you, you can take the leap without hesitation:

  • You are looking for a very powerful multifunction electric grill that is easy to use and maintain.
  • You want to make hot sandwiches, Fish, Red Meat, Sandwich, Burger and grilled Poultry meats.
  • You want to be able to control the cooking temperature with an adjustable thermostat.
  • If you wish to use your grill indoor and outdoor T fal electric grill will be best choice.
  • If you are looking for such a device at a really affordable price T Fal Optigrill is the best option.
What is the difference between Optigrill and Optigrill plus?

Optigrill plus has 6 automatic cooking programmes and The Optigrill also has same feature. However, the Optigrill has 1 manul fixed temperature cooking option and Optigrill Plus has 4 manual temperature settings.

How does the Tefal Optigrill work?

You have auto sensor cooking system. If you select well done the Optigrill will cook the food and moves into warming stage, it stops cooking when food is prepared. In other modes T Fal Optigrill will indicate every stage of cooking with a beep sound.

How do you reset at T FAL Optigrill?

Press Down Manual + Poultry and Burger and hold for 3 seconds at the same time. Display will show blue light and beep sound. After 3 seconds you will hear beep sound once again and the light will turn green. T Fal Optigrill is completed with Reset fucntion.

My opinion on Tfal Indoor Grills

In my opinion, this is an electric grill model with excellent value for money. Indeed, for the price of a simple sandwich maker, you can have a compact and really efficient grill. If you need something versatile, the choice is quick.

T fal has done a great job with this meat grill and it can find its place very quickly in any kitchen thanks to its many qualities.

What I loved MoreI loved less
Its impressive powerIts weight could have been a bit less. Though 5.26kg is not heavy to move.
It’s very versatile side (6 programmed cooking options)
Its ease of use.
Easy to clean.
The large cooking surface, especially in barbecue mode.
Tfal indoor grills advantage

T-Fal Optigrill offers us an electric grill that allows us to make countless preparations and it knows how to be useful on a daily basis. Highly effective equipment for your kitchen to use daily. You can also use Tfal indoor grills outside our your kitchen, like for a picnic – if you have access to electricity there. It is also very easy to clean after each use.

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