Best exercises that lower cholesterol level

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Walking, swimming, or taking a bike ride will help keep cholesterol levels in check.

We learned about 5 key foods that can reduce cholesterol, its time to check on the best exercises that lower cholesterol level.

There is no doubt that having high cholesterol increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, so keeping it at the proper levels is a priority issue. Some foods reduce its presence in the blood, but if you really want cholesterol not to become a problem, you will have to add regular aerobic exercise to your healthy diet. These are the activities that are best for you. Here are some exercises to lower cholesterol.

A blood cholesterol level much higher than 200 mg/dl requires taking steps to reduce it, especially if a large part of that amount corresponds to the so-called “bad” cholesterol (LDL). Remember that cholesterol is not a harmful substance.

On the contrary, it is a type of fat that is essential for the proper functioning of our body. It is its excessive presence that poses a danger, due to the real possibility of being deposited in the arteries, increasing the risk of suffering coronary ailments.

Exercises that lower cholesterol

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Exercises that lower cholesterol

Cases of high cholesterol in children and young people are rare (although they are increasing due to the abandonment of the Mediterranean diet) but, as we get older, the tendency for cholesterol to rise is quite common. To avoid risks, it is important to regularly monitor cholesterol levels and take two basic measures:

  • Eat a balanced diet low in unhealthy fats.
  • Get some physical exercise.

1. The aerobic sports, those involving accelerate the heart rate and increase oxygen consumption, are best suited to keep cholesterol at bay, because they get the one hand, make it lower the resulting harmful (LDL) and on the other, maintain or even raise the “good” (HLD), essential for the development of some of our vital functions.

2. Brisk walking or even jogging if you like running, pedaling the bike at a moderate pace, swimming or playing a game of paddle tennis are some perfect activities to fight against high cholesterol while improving your general fitness.

exercises that lower cholesterol
Control cholesterol

3. A low-intensity aerobic routine at the gym can also be a great alternative. In this case, it is advisable to do multi-joint exercises, those that involve large muscle groups without forcing them, for example: squats, chest opening, arms and legs lift, trunk flexion… The objective of these exercises and activities sports is to mobilize the whole body, burning calories and fat while achieving a general improvement of the circulatory system.

4. The ideal is to always develop the physical activity that you prefer at a low – moderate pace, without your heart rate exceeding 50% or 60% of its total capacity.

Of course, the intensity of the exercise will depend on your characteristics and your physical form, but, in any case, for it to be effective, regularity is important. Practicing a sport of those indicated 3 or 4 times a week and for a minimum time of 30 minutes, will help keep your cholesterol under control.

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