Benefits of betel leaves

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Don’t go nuts! – I mean to say – don’t go for betel nuts. Instead go for betel leaves.

Not only habitual, but as a part of Bengali tradition, as a part of social customs, etiquette and rituals, betel or betel leaf has been introduced for a long time. In this article we will know benefits of betel leaves.

Having betel leaf was an integral part of any ceremony, festival, puja and punya, which is still going on. However, many people have betel leaves only for habitual reasons, but it has many qualities and effectiveness. You will be surprised to hear that this betel leaf has about a dozen benefits. The Times of India has published a report on the special qualities of betel leaves.

Although many people think that betel leaf is harmful to health, this idea is not entirely correct. There are multiple benefits of betel leaves. Having betel leaves regularly benefits the body.

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Controls constipation

If you suffer from constipation, chew a few pieces of betel leaves on an empty stomach. You will see that your constipation has come under control in a few days. In addition, betel leaves juice keeps the pH level of the stomach right.

Betel leaves helps in digestion
Betel leaves helps in digestion

Increases digestive energy

As a result of chewing the betel leaves, more saliva is excreted. This breaks down food enzymes and makes digestion easier. And the pressure on the digestive system decreases, it increases digestion.

Increases appetite

Eating one betel leaf every day removes toxins from the body, which keeps the pH level of the stomach normal. And you will notice increased appetite. People who doesn’t feel hungry or loose appetite can be benefitted from betel leaves.

Good for the face

Excessive consumption of tobacco, jarda (special preparation of tobacco leaves), spices, although harmful to the health of the mouth. But moderate amount of betel leaf is good for the mouth. Because the betel leaf creates a nice smell in the mouth, cleans the inside of the mouth and prevents tooth decay. Oral health experts say that betel leaf without tobacco strengthens the gums and teeth.

Natural painkillers

Betel leaves naturally has a lot of painkillers. So betel leaf is very effective in curing headaches. In this case, if you put betel leaves on the forehead, the headache will be cured.

Respiratory problems

If you suffer from respiratory problems, then betel leaves can also be helpful. Take some mustard oil on a clean betel leaf and lightly heat it. Then hold the betel leaf on the chest. In this way, regular light hot betel leaves can be taken to relieve breathing difficulties and respiratory problems.


The betel leaf is high in polyphenols and chavicol, so it easily resists germs. So if you cut somewhere in the body, you can chew the betel leaf first, it will work as an antiseptic. You can apply betel leaf and hot turmeric paste on the injured part of the body, as it is a very good painkiller.

Betel leaves increases sex drive in men
Betel leaves increases sex drive in men

Sexually provocative

Health experts say the betel leaves acts as a sexual stimulant. Experts say that chewing betel leaves before sexual intercourse brings benefits.

Fennel and cardamom used in betel leaves at paan shop in India. It helps in digestion.
Research has shown betel leaves increase epinephrine and dopamine hormones in brain. They are responsible for increase in sexual urge, specially in men. Also combination of betel nuts and leaves relaxes nerves and reduces depression and tension. When our body is clam and relaxed we feel sexual excitement.

In simple words, betel leaves increases libido in men. Increased testosterone hormone thus results in extra sexual desire and erection. Juice of betel leaves increases nitric oxide (NO) level which in return causes blood flow in men genital causing erection.

Note: Excess is never good. Do not chew betel nuts too frequently which can cause health hazards.

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